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September 20, 2013

So you’re in the bush, and you hear a noise coming from behind you. You turn around, and there she is: the most beautiful creature you’ve ever seen. You grab your phone and get dialling (you just have to tell your mom about this), and then you get ‘the beep’—no signal…

You’re having a braai at your new place. Your friend calls you for directions. You move two metres, and the call drops. You get ‘the beep’ – no signal…

We’ve all been through this, right? And it’s frustrating… I know!

Truth is, we at MTN invest billions of rands every year to upgrade our network for you. Extensive testing is conducted in different areas; teams are sent to evaluate positioning; masts are erected, and constant upgrading takes place. So as frustrating as it can get, please trust me when I tell you we are working on it… constantly.

The Coverage Team at MTN are a group of individuals who constantly monitor signal strength around the country. We call them gurus because, well, they are. You can phone them between 08:00 and 17:00 on 083 900 1212 (free from an MTN number) or complete the below template. You’re also more than welcome to send an Inbox message on Facebook and Like our page while you’re at it #snigger. Twitter is a bit difficult due to the 140 character limit, so Facebook might be the better option, but if you prefer, you can always send 10 or 20 separate tweets—we love when you tweet us… and when you follow us!

If you have a coverage related query, it’s necessary to provide as much information as possible for the Coverage Team to conduct an investigation and get back to you. We know that some gurus can read minds, but unfortunately our Coverage Team can’t, so we need you to help us out. Simply complete the form below and then click ‘Submit’.

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