MTN reduces Internet bundles and packages

Calling all MTN customers – we’ve got some awesome news for you! MTN has reduced its Internet Bundles and Packages prices from 1 March 2013.

As part of MTN’s efforts to offer its customers a World-class Internet experience, they have announced a massive reduction on Internet Package and Bundle rates to enjoy the things they love doing online.

“The digital age continues to create real opportunities for consumers to connect, interact and simplify their lives directly from their handheld devices,” elaborates Serame Taukobong, Chief Marketing Officer at MTN SA. “Having invested heavily in our infrastructure to provide a network that can efficiently meets the demands of the digital consumer, we have significantly reduced our Internet price plans and bundle rates to enable our customers to experience world-class Internet connectivity.”

Have a look at what MTN customers will be getting:

Internet Bundles

Internet Bundles

+ 10MB Free
+ 25MB Free
300MB 500MB 1GB 2GB
Standard Subscription R10.00 R49.00 R149.00 R189.00 R289.00 R389.00
Promotion Subscription R10.00 R29.00 R79.00 R99.00 R149.00 R245.00

Some more good news is that MTN customers no longer have to convert airtime into data and can use any one of the following hassle-free and simplified methods of purchasing their MTN Internet bundles through:

  • Simply dialling *141*2# from their cellphone and following the prompts, or
  • MTN’s Eazi Recharge purchase option by dialling *141*10# which allows customers to purchase an internet bundle for any MTN number using a debit or credit card.
  • Click here for more ways to recharge.

Internet Packages


500MB 1GB 2GB
F@stLink E3131 WAS: R189.00
NOW: R49.00
WAS: R289.00
NOW: R79.00
WAS: R389.00
NOW: R119.00
F@stLink X515D WAS: R199.00
NOW: R59.00
WAS: R299.00
NOW: R89.00
WAS: R399.00
NOW: R129.00
Sh@reLink E5331 WAS: R209.00
NOW: R89.00
WAS: R309.00
NOW: R119.00
WAS: R409.00
NOW: R159.00
Sh@reLink B683 WAS: R239.00
NOW: R99.00
WAS: R339.00
NOW: R129.00
WAS: R439.00
NOW: R169.00

*All Internet packages are monthly rates for 24 month contracts

Customers can get an Internet Package on a 24 month contract from their nearest MTN store.

Alternatively, if you have your own device (modem, dongle, router or tablet) you can bring your device, and treat yourself to a SIM-only Internet package.


500MB 1GB 2GB
Bring your own device R39.00 R69.00 R99.00

“The reduction of our Internet Packages and Bundle rates does not only bode well for MTN customers in general, but also to our BlackBerry® customer base,” says Taukobong. “The new rates offer an affordable and convenient alternative for customers who deplete their BlackBerry® Absolute and BlackBerry® Tiered Services bundle allocation to continue enjoying the benefits that come with owning a BlackBerry® handset. Inherently, we are enabling our customers, who come from different walks of life with diverse needs and demands, to be part of the growing digital community without being limited by cost and quality of service,” he concludes.

Terms and conditions apply.

What will you be using your Internet bundles for?


  1. Hettie van Rooyen

    Hallo, hoekom my airtime (was omtrent R400 meer) eers gebruik? My data het 480mb en hoekom nie data gebruik nie? Nou ek kan nie vir iemand kontak nie!!!!!

    • KVanZyl

      Hi Hettie, thanks for your comment. Please pop me a mail to with your contact number and query, and we will investigate and advise.

  2. Zaheer

    Hi ,
    I have just purchased the R30 uncapped data bundle, I would like to know if there are any additional charges I have to pay if I reach a certain amount of Giggs usage or do I have a limit on how many giggs I am allowed to download?

    Looking forward to your response.Thank you.

  3. If I buy a R30 uncapped mtn bundle after activation and in use for 10hours can I deactivate my bundle and activate it again when I want to use it ?

    • KVanZyl

      Hi there Tony, no – a bundle cannot be activated and deactivated.

  4. How do i purchase bundles when using a Router on prepaid sim card

    • KVanZyl

      Hi there, you can purchase a data bundle on your primary phone and transfer it to the prepaid SIM card in the router.

  5. Hw du I purchase monthly data bundles..

  6. Shakoer

    dailing *141*6# does not help in wanting to convert MTN airtime to DATA…..and neither does *141*2#…..I do not want daily data …I want it for much longer periods…….PLEASE HELP !!!

    • KVanZyl

      Hi there Shakoer, *141*2# does contain an option for purchasing monthly data. Have you managed to find it?

  7. Charles

    I have more than 300 bundles and its like they are not supported by my phone. is it possible for me to switch them and make them work for my phone.?

  8. Hi
    my girlfriend has a wireless dongle.. i dont know what data package they have but this month their bill ended up being R7000 how can that be possible

  9. phashe

    I had 2gig deal which will expire at the end of August. My modem and sim card are still working. How much will I pay per month if I want to upgrade?

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