MTN reduces Internet bundles and packages

Calling all MTN customers – we’ve got some awesome news for you! MTN has reduced its Internet Bundles and Packages prices from 1 March 2013.

As part of MTN’s efforts to offer its customers a World-class Internet experience, they have announced a massive reduction on Internet Package and Bundle rates to enjoy the things they love doing online.

“The digital age continues to create real opportunities for consumers to connect, interact and simplify their lives directly from their handheld devices,” elaborates Serame Taukobong, Chief Marketing Officer at MTN SA. “Having invested heavily in our infrastructure to provide a network that can efficiently meets the demands of the digital consumer, we have significantly reduced our Internet price plans and bundle rates to enable our customers to experience world-class Internet connectivity.”

Have a look at what MTN customers will be getting:

Internet Bundles

Internet Bundles

+ 10MB Free
+ 25MB Free
300MB 500MB 1GB 2GB
Standard Subscription R10.00 R49.00 R149.00 R189.00 R289.00 R389.00
Promotion Subscription R10.00 R29.00 R79.00 R99.00 R149.00 R245.00

Some more good news is that MTN customers no longer have to convert airtime into data and can use any one of the following hassle-free and simplified methods of purchasing their MTN Internet bundles through:

  • Simply dialing *141*2# from their cellphone and following the prompts, or
  • MTN’s Eazi Recharge purchase option by dialling *141*10# which allows customers to purchase an internet bundle for any MTN number using a debit or credit card.
  • Click here for more ways to recharge

Internet Packages


500MB 1GB 2GB
F@stLink E3131 WAS: R189.00
NOW: R49.00
WAS: R289.00
NOW: R79.00
WAS: R389.00
NOW: R119.00
F@stLink X515D WAS: R199.00
NOW: R59.00
WAS: R299.00
NOW: R89.00
WAS: R399.00
NOW: R129.00
Sh@reLink E5331 WAS: R209.00
NOW: R89.00
WAS: R309.00
NOW: R119.00
WAS: R409.00
NOW: R159.00
Sh@reLink B683 WAS: R239.00
NOW: R99.00
WAS: R339.00
NOW: R129.00
WAS: R439.00
NOW: R169.00

*All Internet packages are monthly rates for 24 month contracts

Customers can get an Internet Package on a 24 month contract from their nearest MTN store.

Alternatively, if you have your own device (modem, dongle, router or tablet) you can bring your device, and treat yourself to a SIM-only Internet package.


500MB 1GB 2GB
Bring your own device R39.00 R69.00 R99.00

“The reduction of our Internet Packages and Bundle rates does not only bode well for MTN customers in general, but also to our BlackBerry® customer base,” says Taukobong. “The new rates offer an affordable and convenient alternative for customers who deplete their BlackBerry® Absolute and BlackBerry® Tiered Services bundle allocation to continue enjoying the benefits that come with owning a BlackBerry® handset. Inherently, we are enabling our customers, who come from different walks of life with diverse needs and demands, to be part of the growing digital community without being limited by cost and quality of service,” he concludes.

Terms and conditions apply.

What will you be using your Internet bundles for?


  1. boitumelo

    it dont get better than this.. MTN is Number1

  2. Sophia Evans

    I would use my internet bundles to search for work on the internet, as I am desparately looking for work.

  3. vusi Dladla

    I use Data bundles for Facebook whatsapp and twitter a lot in a laptop device.
    Can you please MTN give me 500MB mahala 0837671243.

  4. hennie visser

    Sounds very good,exept for the fact that where i live in LANGEBAAN AT CLUB MYKONOS MTN RECEPTION IS VERY POOR,ONLE 270 KB/S ON INTERNET.

    • mwilliams

      Hi Hennie, So sorry about this. Let me help you out. Please can you give our Coverage Team a call on 083 900 1212 or contact us at and someone on the team will gladly help you out. If they forward you a template to complete and return it in order to have a technician assigned to the issue to investigate. Thank you.

    • Kyle

      Hey Hennie, I had the same issue a while ago with my android smartphone sgs2. Have you perhaps migrated from 8ta to MTN? That is what happened to me and when I was in Langebaan I suddenly had 250kb/s. All you need to do is switch internet off, then do a network search on your phone or with your router. Then it will search for towers, then just click on ‘select automatically’, and you should be getting good 2mb/s. I did that then after the new MTN towers where registered on my device I got great internet speed, even when sailing in and around harbor. Hope you come right, man, Langebaan is the most beautiful place on earth, especially when the whales come right up to your boat and check you out. Awesome, God Bless.

  5. Finally! I’ve been checking for the best Internet packages over the past few days and now mtn has finally introduced their affordable data plans. I believe all the students at tertiary levels can afford this too, thanks to MTN.

  6. Finally! I’ve been checking for the best Internet packages over the past few days and now mtn has finally introduced their affordable data plans. I believe all the students at tertiary levels can afford this too, thanks to MTN

  7. brian

    its still a lot cell c users get 50mb for only R7.50 and thier network is super fast and nw they’ve introduced a new tariff plan called 99cents4real whereby ur charged only 99c for local n international call

    • mwilliams

      Hi Brian, Thank you for your feedback we have many great products such as our 2c per second call rate which you can read about here:

      • Happy

        How can I get the 2c per second?

        • KVanZyl

          Hi Happy

          Simply dial *141*4*4# from your MTN Pay As You Go cellphone :)

      • Can’t understand how to buy all these!!!!!
        You guys should clear me here

        • KVanZyl

          Hi Frank, all you have to do is dial *141*2# and follow the prompts. Let us know if you need further assistance.

  8. Nolwandle Zulu

    Yaaaaay! That’s great news! Another reason why I loooove MTN☺!

  9. Jabu Chiloane

    I will use the data for mobile browsing,downloading applications and audiostreaming of my favourite station.

  10. graham

    Now MTN has matured one thing remains to invent. My contacts no longer call regularly because they refuse paying for Voicemail. MTN loses. Please develop a way my friends can choose, on quick key, to wait a no charge response or accept Voicemail for that type of occasion.

    • mwilliams

      Hi Graham, Thank you for your suggestion, we have noted this and sent your comment through to the relevant team. Hope you have a great day!

  11. mario

    i was hit with a R R4900 Data bill on the last month of my BIS package.
    Users be carefull

  12. Joey Shambo

    That is good news for sho bt I wanna ask why I can’t I purchase a 5MB bundle,I really think yu should make it happen

    • mwilliams

      Hi Joey, thank you for your feedback, we have sent your suggestion through to our relevant team for consideration.

  13. David Mnywabe

    I use it mainly for job search on my laptop,and I always felt that data bundles are expensive and also during peak hours it was difficult to surf the net.Thank you with the price reduction!

  14. Tshidi

    Sorry 2 say this but its just too expensive n now dat da BIS package is gone ai its just not ayoba I’ve been wit mtn since I was in primary but this is just not gud shame *sad 4 days*

    • mwilliams

      Hi Tshidi, thank you for your comment, Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) is intended for access to Blackberry services including BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) where users can text, share photos, attach video clips and voice notes as well as access BlackBerry Email, Instant Messaging app built by RIM, Internet Browsing using the RIM browser and access to BlackBerry App World. The new plan includes a 200MB fair usage policy for use to the above services. A gentle reminder that the downloading of files, content, audio & video web streaming fall outside of the BIS service plan and will be will be charged at your normal price plan rates. Please click here for everything you need to know about BB Absolute:

      • Jam

        Hello I have a problem with my Blackberry, I have been having problems with activating my BIS. it is getting quite annoying. I went to an MTN store and they saidsometing about having to convert my airtime to data but I’m not quite sure how to do it. Can you help me?

        • TRasebotse

          Hi Jam

          Are you still having trouble activating your BlackBerry Absolute?

  15. Tinoziva Gandanga

    you’re the best,i rely on you.

  16. Walker Mabaso

    Mtn is very good at same state but when coming to data bundles is still expensive.why because after you buy a R10 for 10MBdata bundles u will have to buy anather 10MB with anather R10. Atleast when it can be R10 R25 anR49.

  17. Anneline Smith

    Hi there, I am interested in the R99 data plan offer, please advise if this can be capped in order for me not to use more data and receive an unexpected high bill.



  19. jhon

    mtn is ok but they have changed the bis activation number please mnt help what is the knew one

    • JPSing

      To activate BB Absolute: Dial *141*2#, press option 3, select option 4.

  20. viki

    My internet banking site and cellphone banking hasn’t updated their pricing yet :(

  21. Mafika

    This is a good data plan, but my concern is why MTN is giving 200 mg of data for absolute while its 59 rand monthly and 1g of data for 79r on the new data plan for contracts. Could u make it easier for bb users, in checking in ur record for frequently users to subscribe to the new plans. I mean absolute sounds like a reap off if compared to the new bundle purchases. Contracts fixed the consumer not to swap networks and be loyal to tje network for stipulated time, mtn compatitors have done that via banks and they have up their sale. So please guys try to make a plann for bb users, to make bb and mtn comination a must have

    Thank you

    • mwilliams

      Hi Mafika, Thank you for your feedback, we appreciate your comments and will send these suggestions through to our team for consideration.

  22. Vernon K.

    When will these prices be available as data bundles on voice contracts ?

    Adding data to my regular contract costs 3x times more than a data only contract.

    I’m sorry, but you simply can’t justify robbery like that!

  23. still expensive cell c its R0.99 per minute and you’re R1.20 per minute with that 2c of yours. Cell c is 300MB data for R45 and you’re 300MB for R79

  24. Ayanda

    Damn i like the bring your own Device option its a clear winner, well done MTN.

  25. That’s wonderful now how are we going to activate Black Berry Absolute

  26. mugumya

    Hello guys mtn prices are still up they must come down because 8.ta rand 149 you get 2 gigs plus 1 for free 2+1=3 only on 149 rands think about guys.

    • KVanZyl

      Hi Mugumya,

      Thanks for your comment. We will take it into consideration.

  27. Dina Venter

    Mtn is really catering to their customers now. Thanks Mtn!

  28. Himson

    This new internet tarriff , is 4 contract custOmers only or d prepaid customers can buy dis on monthly basis. Datz d amount he or she can afford

  29. Ipeleng

    Im using mtn uncapped contract the bandwidth is very poor. the upload maximum speed is 1200kb/s, download maximum is 900kb/s…

    • KVanZyl

      Hi Ipeleng,

      I’m so sorry about this! Please contact our Coverage Team on 083 900 1212 and they will assist you.

  30. sibusiso

    these are fantastic benefits and i believe lot of us as mtn custormers will see the difference . hoping that one day in that small town of lusikisiki/luqhoqhweni area will be relived in our network problem so that we can benefit as well.thanks

  31. adnan shabbir

    Hi can I make international call with mtn.I don’t want to change my mtn number to voda or cell c becaz am using mtn since 8years,am from pakistan I have to call home pls do some for us u will get more user.

    • KVanZyl

      Hi Adnan

      We run regular International Calling promotions. Keep an eye on our blog.

  32. Hardy

    My 24 month data contract is now upgradeabe. However, I want to share the same data package/bundle between my cellphone and tablet. Why can MTN not do this for me? Dual SIM?

    • KVanZyl

      Hi Hardy

      Please contact our call centre on 808 and they will assist you.

  33. Wayne

    So will this be the permanent data pricing now? ^_^

  34. Hardy

    My data contract is due renewal. However I want a single data package to share between my phone and tablet. Why can MTN not do this dual SIM?

    • KVanZyl

      Hi Hardy

      Please contact our contract call centre on 808. They will assist you.

  35. Benni Farao

    Hi I would like to know when there will be something like that available on mobile as I need something like that on the Galaxy andriod phone.

    • KVanZyl

      Hi Benni

      What do you mean? Internet bundles are available on mobile phones?

  36. mayur

    now if they would allow you to use your allocated airtime for the month to buy data bundles it would be better!

  37. Flexus

    These are welcome but I would like to be able to load a data contract onto my current contract for my 7″ tablet.

    • KVanZyl

      Hi Flexus

      Please contact our contract call centre on 808 – they will assist you.

  38. Almero

    What happen to contract data client, is this reduced rates given tru to them or do they have to keepup paying old higher rates?

  39. Simon

    Hi. Those are great plans indeed. I have an open contract where I receive 150MB of data. How can I purchase extra data. Do I need to sign up for subscription? If so, what duration options do I have

  40. William Michael

    Your sales is fanatastic.When are you having uncapped
    on special price.I currently have 2gig for R149pm

  41. William Michael

    Your sale is fantastic.When are you having uncapped
    on special price.I currently have 2gig for R149pm

    • KVanZyl

      Thanks William! As per my last comment on your post, we will take your request into consideration.

  42. william michael

    Hi I currentlyu have a data contract 2gig for R149.P.
    When is MTN bringing ot a special of uncapped for same price of R149PM
    I will upgrade if it is offered now as my current contract expires in November 2013

    • KVanZyl

      Hi William Michael

      We’re continuously working on improving our offerings to our customers. I will be sure to take your request into consideration. Thank you!

  43. NKOSI K

    what mtn is doing is very good, but i have a question does this peak and off peak thing applies on the internet datta bundles on cell phones coz since these deals started my data bundles do not last for long any more so i would love to know if there ain’t no catch in this.

  44. Bronwyn Bridger

    These may seem to be great deals, but MTN is still more expensive with their data than Vodacom… If I was a Vodacom subscriber, I would be able to get a 1 gig data bundle for R 99.00 per month and a 2 gig data bundle for the same price as the MTN 1 gig bundle – R149.00… Why is this so?

  45. Pierre

    Hi MTN – nice improvement re data prices.
    Where I stay in Centurion MTN signal strength is very annoying. It would be quite good in most areas in my house but poor in my study where calls are often dropped. I reported it and even received an SMS fault log but that was months ago – no reaction. Any advice regarding signal boosting etc?

    • KVanZyl

      Hi Pierre

      So sorry about this. Please populate the below template, and forward the completed mail to our Coverage Contact Center on
      Alternatively you can also contact them on 083 900 1212 toll-free from an MTN number or chargeable from other SPs numbers, weekdays 08:00 to 17:00.

      Subscriber name:
      Mobile number/s experiencing the problem:
      Subscriber’s alternate contact number:
      Physical Street Address:
      Is it a voice or data problem? :
      Provide a brief description of the problem experienced:
      When was the problem experienced? (Time of day / weather conditions, etc.):
      Where is the problem experienced? (At home /when travelling (provide specifics of roads / intersections, etc.) :
      If the problem is experienced in a car, were you using a Bluetooth car kit? (Yes / no): No
      Is the problem experienced indoors or outdoors?
      Make and model of handset / device:
      Any other information:

  46. stephany

    I already have contracts for my phone and tablet, plus a 2Gig data bundle contract. How will this sale affect my existing contracts? Thanks

  47. Bright

    Thanks MTN, you making our life a little bit easy. How long is this promotion going to last?

  48. Victoria

    I have the fastlink E153 – what’s the deals for me.

    • KVanZyl

      Hi Victoria

      You can bring your own device and pick from the following options:
      500MB – R39.00 p/m
      1GB – R69.00 p/m
      2GB – R99.00 p/m

  49. Ellen Matendana

    Am happy with the price reduction as my children do their research using my Ipad and MTN is the way to go…

  50. Rui Godinho

    I only get EDGE in Douglasdale.
    Time for MTN to invest in some coverage for this area.
    MTN is missing out BIG TIME as this is a very densilly populated area…

  51. victor Manganye

    Nxt wk i’m giong to port my number to cell c what u did sucks why did u took away de bis?

    • KVanZyl

      Hi Victor,

      It makes us very sad to hear this. Since the introduction of BlackBerry® Internet Service (BIS), MTN observed that the majority of BlackBerry® customers only use up to 200MB of data for BlackBerry® BIS, whilst other customers use in excess of the BlackBerry® fair usage allowance. This has negatively impacted the experience of all other customers. This analysis prompted us to look at ways to optimise our customers’ experience, by designing a customised BlackBerry® service, to meet the needs of these customers. By so doing, MTN has improved the world-class Internet experience of all the customers using our network, with the aim to deliver a fair Internet experience for everyone.

  52. Kurosaki Ichigo

    Iv been a mtn user over 10years. Who give mtn the right to cap bis at 200mb. Who gives u the right to decide what I sould or souldnt download. I am cellc now. All is well. & I think some of oversea networks must open here like Sprint, Verizon, At&t, Orange & T-mobile. Bcoz SA networks is biting us in our Behind

    • KVanZyl

      Hi Kurosaki, thank you for your comments. We will take them into consideration.

  53. wil use it for online celc Internet is slowing down.going to throw that celc card back in the box.

  54. thabiso selematseng

    super prize’s i like them already…..hola mtn

  55. Christo

    Guys, great work on the price reduction….

    However. I run a home business, I have 5 devices and 6 email accounts. I use Dropbox which synchronizes up and down. I use sugar sync which synchronizes up and down. I use syncmymail to sync the data to all the devices for email.I burn through 5GB by the 22nd of each month. I had a Cell C 5GB package for R1999 which was 5GB per month for a year, pre-paid. 8ta offers a 60gb + 60gb for 12 months, prepaid, for R1,800. I have 2x Vodacom 2.5gb which is now expired. I had 5GB CellC package that has now expired. I am looking around to renew and most, if not all my consultant friends burn 5-10gb monthly. We have attachments, we sync, we data all day long and deep into the night…

    My research indicates MTN has the best LTE speeds. We want it. The only problem is, MTN doesn’t seem to offer anything remotely close to what we actually need, which is 5-10gb per month for 12 months, pre-paid, LTE.

    Please don’t say ” thank you for your comment, we will take it into consideration…” Speak to the right people, get it done. Within the week, otherwise, we all have to go elsewhere…. Again. :(

    Feel free to contact me directly. And, thank you again for reducing the prices, it is appreciated, but 2gb just doesn’t cut it, at all.

    • KVanZyl

      Hi Christo,

      Thanks for your message!
      We are planning something, but the most I can tell you is to keep your eyes glued to our blog and website. Have a great day!

  56. Sihle

    Blackberry users are beang taken for a ride by mtn and most of them are changing their networks because of this new plan,if mtn doesn’t change this soon,they will loose all their BlackBerry customers.
    200mb for the whole mounth is absolutely insulting,I like mtn but if they don’t do something about this soon I’ll be forced to make a move….unhappy customer

    • KVanZyl

      Hi Sihle

      Thank you for your comment. We will take it into consideration.

  57. O abdulrasheed

    Am a pety buyer bt i hv no one time purchase bundle and use it all before it will b pack honestly the data bundled purchase is our to use it off plz do something bt it

    • KVanZyl

      Hi O Abdulrasheed

      Thanks for your query. Please may I request that you contact our call centre (173 for pre-paid, 808 for contract) and they will assist you.

  58. Matthew

    all this R stuff i don’t get input the price in # and include the code..i want to get 1gb

    • KVanZyl

      Hi Matthew,

      Simply dial *141*2# and select from the Internet bundles available. Let me know if you have any other questions?

  59. hayi bo, mtn customer services at the branches very poor. sanlam center, zavenvacht, tygervalley, poor services.

    I am tying to do an upgrade. cell phones poor standards, HTC desire c, these new small Nokias, the ashas shame daylight robbery.

    the only interesting thing is data. but this contract data has put people into debts. I will be cancelling the contracts in two months time. cellphones poor standards.

    • MSadie

      Thanks for your feedback Mdu. We will take this back to the team.

  60. anele kula


    i want to know how to convert 10 rand airtime in to data bundles

    • MSadie

      Hi there, You can dial *141*6# to use airtime to buy Internet bundles.

  61. the best and affordable prices for the poor. Mtn you are the best and number 1 in AFRICA. Thank you.

  62. My u plz count for me hw much artme im spending each month

  63. Nkhensani

    Mtn data bundles use a lot of data on ipad, i wanna know why is so?

  64. serge perdo

    is there any way that you can apply for internet package in internet?

  65. Jacquie

    Can you please take me through step by step how to convert airtime to data, it seems to be so complicated with all the choices that I just cannot manage it . I am sitting with R145 worth airtime and cannot get my 3G to work on my laptop. Please help.

    • KVanZyl

      Hi Jacquie, dial *141*6#, select 1 to Purchase a Bundle, select 1 again to purchase an Internet Bundle, then select 1 again for Volume Bundles. You will then be given a list of options to choose from. Select your bundle of choice and you’ll be on your way! Let me know if you need anything else.

    • KVanZyl

      Hi Rob, I’m following up on this and will get back to you as soon as possible.

  66. Zain

    I don’t understand why I can’t buy internet bundles with my top up airtime, after all I’m paying for my contract n should b allowed to use my airtime as I see fit :@

  67. Nomsa

    1. What happens to contract data
    clients ?
    2. this reduced rates
    given tru to them or do they
    have to keepup paying old
    higher rates ?
    3. I’m currently using S3 my AIRTIME & BUNDLES are always finnished or should I say they vannish ?

    • KVanZyl

      Hi Nomsa, thanks for your questions:
      1. Customers may subscribe to the promotional Internet price plans as a new price plan, migrate into the price plans or upgrade to the price plans.
      2. I don’t understand this question – please explain this to me.
      3. Are you on TopUp? If so, you can purchase any of these Internet bundles at greatly reduced rates.
      Let me know if you need anything else.

  68. Thulasizwe

    Hi. On the 18th of June I bought 75MB data bundles and got free 25MB for R30 which was absolutely fantastic. Today I’m only left with less than 150kb and I’ve been trying to top them up just like I did before but the phone says ”Request no complete”. Please help me since I am a new kid on the block.

  69. Chris

    Why did Mtn do away with the uncapped lite package?
    I’m an existjng contract subscriber and this package provided peace of mind, knowing I’ve got internet access for research, kids school work and general browsing.
    Will have to look elsewhere for similar or better deals, as the “new” packages are not worth it. Have already ported my family’s Blackberry service after the restriction announcement.

  70. matshidisho

    I have an mtn contract n after my data bundle were finished I bought 75mb internet data from *141*6#…to my suprise mtn is still billing/deducting from my airtime everyrime I log on to facebook or whatsaap and the data remains untouched**75mb** how does dis work coz I need the data for social networking.please help

    • KVanZyl

      Hi Matshidisho, thanks for your comment. Please give our prepaid call centre a call on 173. They will request your cellphone number and assist you. Have a great day!

  71. Kyle

    Absolutely awesome, in the past your prices where rediculous but the quality of connection superb. Now days your prices are getting better and better. I can say I have tried all the networks and you guys have the perfect combination of quality and good priced deals, catering for various sectors of our economic groupings. Well done and thank you for being someone that listens. MTN till I die, or, until you increase the prices.

  72. Deon Crafford

    I want to know if I change my mtn internet from prepaid to contract

    will my email address stay the same?


    • KVanZyl

      Hi Deon, are you using the mymtn address? If yes, you can change from prepaid to contract and keep your email address, just as long the number doesn’t change.

  73. the plan maker

    On the bring your own modem thing, I have a vodacom modem I no longer use for vodacom, and I have reconfigured it to use any line, so can I go with my modem to a store to get just the 2GB sim package?

  74. tshiamo

    I want to know if MTn really reduces the Internet speed after exceeding 150mb on one day uncapped

  75. divine

    Your airtime plan is good but data not good ,I was looking between this three network provide and what you missing is this people use data than airtime ,c cell in three years It will be S.A leading network if you don’t be carefully ,I love mtn

    • KVanZyl

      Hi Divine, thanks for your suggestion; we will take it into consideration. Have a great day!

  76. I was wondering cant mtn have a social plan like blackberry has. Where u just pay a amount each month and then you can use the net and social networks as long as long as u want. I’ve got an phone uses a lot of data even though I don’t use the Internet a lot

  77. Moses

    I recently got a E3131 modem with a monthly 2 gig data plan my problem is I keep getting EDGE whether I’m in PTA or Ga-rankuwa but when I use the same sim card in my old E180 modem I get full bars of WCDMA in PTA and in Ga-rankuwa so I wanna know is my E3131 modem defected?

    • KVanZyl

      Hi Moses, so sorry about this. Please contact our call centre on 808, give them your information and they can book the modem into a High Value Repair Centre for you if it is in fact defected. Let me know if you need anything else.

  78. I will immediately take hold of your rss feed as I can’t in finding your email subscription link or newsletter service. Do you’ve any?
    Kindly allow me realize so that I may just subscribe.

  79. Lebohang

    I feel robbed as mtn data bundles are expensive and disapper to thin air.Mtn was the leading network but now sorry to say leading robber in our pockets.Im a student who runs her bussiness so internet is the go but i regret buying E352 modem on wensday

  80. willy

    Hey , I’m using my Blackberry 9360 as hotspot to connect my Laptop to internet , I would like to know if I can activate modem bundle which cost relatively cheaper than phone bundles or I absolutely have to activate mobile bundles as I’m using my phone as access point?

  81. issms

    Does this data expire after a month or does unused data get carried over??

    • MSadie

      Hi there, your data bundle will carry over for one month. This means that you have 2 calendar months to use your data bundle.

  82. Totally Useless. This would all be good if MTN would sort out their coverage issues. How an area like Douglasdale in Fourways has completely no 3G signal is beyond me. So at this point, all these ‘fabulous’ deals and specials are wasted on me. MTN, when do you plan to sort this issue out? Porting is looking like a pretty decent option right now

    • KVanZyl

      Hi Andrew, so sorry about this! If you experience coverage issues, please email our Coverage Team at or phone them on 083 900 1212 and they will assist you. Let me know if you need anything else. Have a great day!

  83. Malinda

    Until when will this internet data bundles be at this low price?

  84. Still not good enough and still expensive.There is talk of month to month contracts coming soon so do not be in a rush to open a 24 month contract.

  85. Purchased an internet bundle to add to my current contract. No number of code of how to redeem the bundle, google has NO answers and neither does your website. Shocking that I can not find a simple code.

    Have tried calling every help line and no answer. The so called contract help line 808 number does not even ring???

    Please help solve this simple problem!!!

  86. Valuable information. Fortunate me I found your site unintentionally,
    and I am surprised why this accident didn’t took place in advance!
    I bookmarked it.

  87. Please i just bought new BBQ10….and i wanted to sub on it….please can you help me to list the plans cost for BBQ10 and the code to activate it…

  88. Thanks for a marvelous posting! I genuinely enjoyed reading it, you might be a great author.I will always bookmark your blog
    and may come back from now on. I want to encourage you
    to definitely continue your great work, have a nice evening!

  89. Hi there, if I already have a 1gig bundle activated and I purchase the R50 uncapped bundle will my 1gig get depleted first before I can use the R50 uncapped one?

    • KVanZyl

      Hi Theo, once the MTN 1 Day R50 bundle is activated, this takes precedence over any other bundle loaded and will supersede for the 24 hour period.

  90. Gerrit

    All of this is lovely, but I am still a bit miffed that the uncapped packages were removed. I got a notification that i can upgrade next month. Upgrade to what exactly with the package gone? :-(

  91. Pieter Hefer

    I will use my 1gb to look for work as I’m desperatly looking for work. Thanks Mtn for all the good packages available.

  92. Naqeeb nizand

    Hi I am from Afghanistan I have a problem in Mtn internet setting on phone can you plz help me about my phone internet setting?

    • KVanZyl

      Hi Naqeeb, the best thing would be for you to contact MTN Afghanistan on 779 from your MTN line.

  93. Drikus de Wet

    Pickle! I moved to MTN prepaid for the 2c per second voice charge after my contract expired. now offers 1 Gig for R 99! BUT only to contact customers. If I move back to a contact my voice charged are in excess of R 2 p/minute but I can get cheaper data. Hmmm, what to do?

  94. Today, while I was at work, my cousin stole my apple
    ipad and tested to see if it can survive a 30 foot drop, just so she can be
    a youtube sensation. My apple ipad is now destroyed and she
    has 83 views. I know this is entirely off topic but I had to
    share it with someone!

  95. When taking out a new MTN AnyTime 200 contract that gives you R200 airtime, 200mb data and 200 sms’s p/m, is it possible to take out the internet bundle and replace it with a bigger bundle? If so, how much will the monthly premium differ if, say, the contract is R389?

  96. Hi I’m currently on uncapped BIS plan service(R59),but I just got sms that tells me that my BIS will expire in 48hours but I it didn’t take a month,how’s his even possible(I loaded my BIS like two weeks ago)…#pissed

    • KVanZyl

      Hi ZieE, you will get this SMS if your BIS is close to expiring, but it should only be sent to you close to a month after you originally loaded it. Please phone our BlackBerry Helpdesk on 1555, explain your issue to them and they will assist you.

  97. so, is it possible 4 me to bring my device so that i can get 2GB every months, cause im using Xperia go, & is vodacom cell but im using my MTN Sim as im in love with MTN.

    • MSadie

      Hi Shumani, if you have Internet dongle you can take out a 2GB per month contract for R99.00 per month.

  98. Hi i loaded 20mb and got free 10mb but now the 20 is gone and every time i use the internet it chows my airtym but u still have the free 10mb data bundles, why or do they have condition like browse with them only after midnight or something¿¿¿¿¿

  99. I like your new Internet Bundle promotion, but I cant see anywhere on the site how long the Data is valid for if you are a prepaid customer. The bonus data expiry dates are advertised but not the main bundle.

    • Hi Brian, Internet bundles are valid for 60 days. You can extend this by loading another bundle before the first one expires. :)

  100. Can someone please tell me,how to get these bundles,I have a BQ mobile(Spanish)its an android phone,I have my MTN prepaid sim in it,how to load bundles and which ones will be good to get,that maybe can last for a month for using whatsapp,facebook,bbm and google.
    How much will that be.

    • Hi Tdee, I would recommend you try out our Best package advisor tool to help you estimate which Internet bundle will suit your needs best: . To purchase an Internet bundle, dial *141*2#, select option 1, and then select the bundle of your choice. These bundles expire after 60 days, but this period can be extended by loading another bundle before the expiry date.

  101. I am still awaiting response from from June. So disappointed.

    • Hi Fezeka, I have asked the team to look into what may be causing the delay. Thanks for you patience

  102. Andisiwe

    uncapped last for how long

  103. Hi I am on a 100 anytime top up contract. Can you tell me the cost of an additional monthly 300-500 mg data contract. The various website pages are most confusing

  104. Hester

    I am top up for WiFi and want to know how much does 500 MB, 1Gig cost to top up my WiFi.

  105. Can you please explain how these MTN bundles work and how do i load them because i have been using a blackberry for long and i just started using a samsung phone and i am clueless on how to use bundles or load bundles on my phone…PLEASE HELP.!!

    • Hi Lucy, You will need an Internet bundle to be able to access the internet. To purchase an internet bundle, make sure that you have loaded airtime on your phone, then dial *141*6# from your phone. Follow the prompts to select and purchase the desired bundle. Hope this helps! :)

  106. Hi

    I have a topup contract and receive R200.00 worth of airtime, i would like to convert this to data as i am more on the internet that making voice calls, please help….?

    • Hi Asanda, you can use your inclusive TopUp airtime to access the internet but it cannot be used to purchase Internet bundles.

  107. I’m top up and my problem is I cant buy data bundles with my monthly airtime but other networks have that option
    …please fix that before I jump to other network!!

  108. Mbuso

    Hey Its a pity we do not have MTN store near by. However I am really happy about the prices reduction of Data. I want to know, If I purchase 2GB data for my modem. How long will it be valid for? A month or ?

    • KVanZyl

      Hi Mbuso, if you purchase a 2GB Internet bundle before 31st March it will be valid for 60 days. Have a great day!

  109. Cassy Johnston

    Hi , can you please help! Is there anyway to have an alert when your airtime or sms bundle has run out?

    I recently changed to ‘pay as you go’ and my iphone doesn’t tell me that my sms’s haven’t sent if my sms bundle has run out. This is so annoying as I can go days without realising that no-one has actually received my messages.

    • MSadie

      Hi Cassy, Thank you for comment. You can change a setting on your device to set this up but your manufacturer will charge for that separately. In the mean time we recommend you check your balance regularly by dialing *141#. You will be able to see what you still have available. Have a nice day!

  110. I love the show keep it comin

  111. Sarah

    I love MTN but your website is quite shocking, I’d like to get a sony z contract but all it shows are sony v contracts. Please update your website (ie add all your contracts to it)
    Thanks in advance

    • KVanZyl

      Hi there Sarah, thanks for your comment. We will look into it asap. In the meantime, would you like to send us an email to with your contact details and query and we’ll get someone to call and assist you telephonically?

  112. please i want to ask if my new blackbery Z30 can work with BIS Plan i will wait for your response. thanks

    • KVanZyl

      Hi Kennie, unfortunately not. You need to purchase Internet bundles.

  113. Ray

    Good Day,

    I have just purchased a Blackberry Q5 my previous phone had BIS and I had access to all ‘internet’ required apps and websites. The lady at the store did not explain the data usage on the Q5 clearly and all airtime I had left in my account was depleted within an hour of starting up this phone. Please advise which data package I can purchase to make use of BIS services without having my airtime account debited.

    • KVanZyl

      Hi Ray, the BB10 OS does not allow for the loading of BIS, however you are able to load Internet bundles. Why don’t you try out one of our new Internet Services? Perhaps the Smartphone Plus Internet Service. Read more here:

  114. Hy am rams i have a problem of my mtn modem i bought 100mb bundle i get in internat for downloading movies within a 5minuts my bundle was finish i need help what can i do?

    • KVanZyl

      Hi Rams, 100MB is not a lot. Movies are quite big, so you will need to purchase a larger internet bundle.

  115. futtie

    MTN!Its a daylight robbery big tym when its comes to data bundles.How cn R29 (150 MG) be finished in 1 day?Ay I beta find another trusted network

    • KVanZyl

      Hi Futtie, what phone do you use? Do you browse pr use the internet a lot?

  116. kahlolo

    my huawei y220 is draining all my data bundles although i tried to stop it from doing so.

  117. Sharon

    Hi we are on a 10 gig data contract using your E5331 wifi modem – with regards to backing up of our data – should we back it up after midnight so it falls into our 10gig free anytime allocation ?

  118. avuyile

    Is there a code for redeeming your bundles?if not,why is’nt it?

    • KVanZyl

      Hi Avuyile, please explain what you mean by ‘redeeming your bundles’? You can purchase bundles by dialling *141*2#

  119. Mario

    When I try to transfer airtime into data on my phone it says my airtime is not sufficient

  120. phashe

    I had 2gig deal which will expire at the end of August. My modem and sim card are still working. How much will I pay per month if I want to upgrade?

  121. Hi
    my girlfriend has a wireless dongle.. i dont know what data package they have but this month their bill ended up being R7000 how can that be possible

  122. Charles

    I have more than 300 bundles and its like they are not supported by my phone. is it possible for me to switch them and make them work for my phone.?

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