Cheer for Team MTN Qhubeka p/b Samsung at La Vuelta and win
















  1. Ambrose

    Why those who have contract to mtn do not benefits in most of the competitions e.g. cliq 5 and in many things that take place in mtn ?


  3. Work hard guys and makes us proudly my heart and mind will always be there to support you in all time

  4. So Proud!

  5. Bongiwe

    Goodluck and make us proud

  6. Tebogo Selala

    All the best, we are behind u 101 percent

  7. Busisiwe

    Make us proud, we are 100% behind u

  8. Yusuf Morris

    Proudly African and full of joy and excitement for all of you. It is Africa’s time. “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”

  9. HRH Lungstar

    Go Team Qhubeka…make us proud. ONE Love…

  10. Kelvin

    MTN u are de best

  11. Boniswa

    Mtn is the best network in the whole world.

  12. Boniswa

    Mtn wow bonus make us proud. We make friends all over wowww

  13. Mmabatho

    I’ve recently joined MTNfamily,I dunno why it took me so long to join,it is the best network ever in Mzansi… Thanks MTN for the WOW n Cliq5 benefits!!

  14. Banda A Simelane

    You knew about this tournament long aga and you are well prepared to repesent the country and all the +-45 Millions South Africa,I personal believe in you team SA go there a rise our flag sky high and the GOLD home.
    Good luck and may all your wishes come true,mind you Mzansi is watching and supporting you all the way

  15. mduduzi prince

    go boys , go make us proud …we luv u as we luv our country…viva …

  16. Precious

    Go on boys make us proud, stand tall on your colours. Our blood is yellow mtn for live

  17. Uwe Reymann

    Go MTN Qhubeka !

  18. kenosi makhobalo

    Guys we r bhind u me nd my daughter Boitumelo shs 6 yrs sh luv hour country so dnt look back make us proud like u r proudly south african bring it back we luv u majita nd thnx 2 mtn 4 letting us supp ort all th ways do us proud thnx we r hppy 4 u.

  19. Guys will you please help me with these things of using R10 and get R100 airtime is for once a day each time i recharge and with the money i recharge with must i call mtn only or any network?

  20. Keep strong guys! SA is rooting for you

  21. Thivhonali Voice Netshimbupfe

    I’m cyclist myself and I know how tough it is out there. The most important thing is to enjoy the race and have fun. If you are having fun it will ease the pressure and You will do well and do us proud #Team MTN Qhubeka #Africas Team #Winners.

  22. andile

    Hi mtn while we are enjoying your bonuses and free calls it seems like the network its becoming too slow when i try to browser something

  23. A week in and #AfricasTeam is holding their own with the big boys! Keep it up champs!

  24. Joy.m.Ratseke

    Hy im proudly with my country coz they do good for us and i lyk to say Qhubeka mtn god blss urs

  25. herbert balog

    I like you

  26. I like your team, hope to see you in grand tours

  27. Patrick

    Our support is fully with you guys.Good luck and u make us proud

  28. Gogo guys, you can ! The whole team are very good guys, Damien Murphy also, great ambient !

  29. Keep it up boys and do it for SA! All the best with the mountains.

  30. Gman066

    3rd week is your time to shine #lavuelta. #ProudlySA. So so proud of this team and its staff

  31. Roald Lerm

    Changed network from red to yellow. Bought the bracelet. Made a donation. Supported and watched all the twitter feeds and insert. My wife got herself a samsung. Why? To support what you doing and how you do it. Good luck with the rest cause Meintjies is the best.

  32. Gman066

    What a ride Louis…..what a ride. I could cry with pride. #ProudlySA Well done to all the spring roosts who put Louis in that position as well. The unsung heroes. Selfless and unselfish

  33. Fantastic Ride Louis, #proudlySA. . 1 for the team, u guys rock

  34. Hanekom

    Let’s keep it up till end boys. What about stage victory for Africa?!

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