The fight against rhino poaching: What can you do to help?


Since 2008, over 1 500 rhinos have been killed by poachers, and this number is rising rapidly each year. South Africa is home to about 80% of the planet’s rhinos, and as the intensity of rhino poaching increases, so does the danger of rhinos becoming extinct.

It is believed, mainly in Asian countries, that the rhino horn has magical healing properties and, when ground into a powder, can cure many ailments from vomiting to cancer. Rhino horn is composed of protein keratin, which is also the main component in fingernails, hair and animal hooves. Swiss global health-care company, Hoffmann-La Roche, conducted scientific evidence which proves that there are absolutely no changes in patients who have ingested rhino horn yet these traditional beliefs seem to hold strong. Rhino horn is being sold on the black market for $35 000 per kilogramme, Ronald M. Nowak writes in his book ‘Walker’s Mammals of the World’.

The rhino horn is a necessity for the rhino’s survival in the wild. It serves as a weapon of self-defense and to dig into the ground and uncover food. Mother rhinos use their horns to guide their babies around. The rhino horn is also very important when trying to attract a suitable mate.

The horns are removed from these animals in such a brutal way that it often leads to their painful death.

It is important to spread awareness about the plight of the rhinos by way of education and understanding. People need to understand these horns cannot be used to cure diseases. Even if they could, in this day and age, we have a great deal of medicine that would be a lot more effective. If we don’t spread the word and act now, we stand the risk of losing rhinos forever.

Please have a look at the links below and find out which of these many charity organisations you can contribute to. Any contribution, however big or small, will work towards saving the lives and legacy of these beautiful creatures.

What are you doing to help save our rhinos?


  1. rangers should be put in the bush to check and arrest who found hunting withoud license.

  2. I intend cycling the argus2013 cyle tour in order to raise awareness about rhino poaching and also to raise funds for the anti poaching cause.
    Please donate generously:
    Join WWF and the panda peloton @ argus 2013

  3. I would like to know where all the money to save Rhinos is going as there are so many charities bringing in so much money yet the rhinos are being slaughtered more than ever. With the amount of money being donated each rhino should have 1 or 2 personal guards!
    Don’t get me wrong as I am 1000% behind saving rhinos but we need more transparency where these funds are going as something seems far a miss!!

    • Michelle

      I agree Gregg. Nobody can ever tell you where the money is going or what is being done with it. There are so many people donating, but the rhino slaughter increases all the time. I don’t have the money to donate, but have tried to find out how I can help by donating my time and efforts. When I ask how else I can help, people look at me as if I just landed from Mars. Does nobody think or question anything? Also, does nobody look at who heads up the poaching syndicates? I think people may be very surprised if some investigation is done. I can’t believe how people just believe everything they are told.

  4. ane van den berg

    We should do the same thing to the braindead bastards that they do to the rhino’s. They should be permanently removed from this earth,to hell with human rights! Humanrights is a bullshit story that only applys to certain people.

  5. Estie Kretschmer

    Another two websites to add is for shirts, and clothing of which donations go to African Conservation Trust, and Mark Boucher’s Rhinos in Hand –


    • Mikael Edsinger

      I agree completely! And put pressure on those countries that tolerate this insane behavior. They live in the Stone Age? These damned poachers shall be cut!

  7. mondli mthabela

    Ilove animals n rhinos r the best iwana help in any way.coz iwant my 3boys to learn more about this animals.

  8. Pat brittz

    Dont the idiots realize that fingernails and toenails have the same medicinal value as the rhino horn. Nothing!!

  9. Manie Coetzer

    Where ever you are let some know that killing the rhino is a crime against humanity.

  10. Call me when we have a “SHoot the organizer or manipulator of the Poacher DAY” The problem lies with organised and government crime. The guys doing the hunting and killing are just the pawns, much like the drug mules. Got to the top and call me for an executive outcome once identified.

  11. Why r day killing our rhino’s nd hw wil thy feel if we kill panda?So stop killing our rhino thy r impotend to us the same as ur panda

  12. Virginia Greenwood-Warner

    The rangers should shoot to kill anyone they see – enough being the “Nice Guys”

  13. bonnie nkoana

    the government should be more involved in potecting our heritage

  14. Estelle

    They must get life sentence when they catch the poachers

  15. DonaLee Theobald

    It is a “mad, mad world” – I must say that I don’t think will stop in a hurry. Greed makes people so so ugly.

  16. 1. Impose a tax on carriers to / from FE/Vietnam
    2. With the money earned, place a “bounty” on their (poachers)head’s
    3. That will bring out all the informers!

  17. juanita Yorke

    We can anonymously report any information regarding this to Crime Stop on 08600 10111 or sms crime line on 32211 web Any information no matter how small can make a break through in a case as it might be the missing puzzle piece that the police are looking for to solve the case. Remember the world suffers not from bad people, but from the silence of good people. Youre the voice of the rhino so shout it out there and phone Crime Stop and save the rhinos. Make that difference. God Bless you.

  18. Melanie

    Another worthy website to look at is

    I recently purchased my son one of their red and gray rope bracelets and it is definitely value for money and funds raised goes towards our endangered Rhino’s as well…..

    We all need to stand united and help these animals — Let’s do this!

    • berendine

      they are so beutiful i would like to think that my grand and great grandchildren will still be able to see them in the wild and not in zoos as for the poachers shoot them on the spot

  19. Nicolus Mthombeni

    I heard that there are poachers who have jailed for five year,you knw thats bullshit.thats people will come after that five year that again and again,i also say rangers should shoot to kill.

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